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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Big Open Question

First Follow up Appointment with my Surgeon re the Recall

Notice from My Surgeon on the Recall.

My 2nd Appointment with My Orthopedic Surgeon.


Is there a role for your primary care physician in considering the options, directions and decisions you make re the hip replacement? A resounding yes!

 My appointments with specialists seem to result in more questions than answers.

My visit to the Nephrologist resulted in some interesting information with respect to the role of the kidney with metal toxicity.

Interesting findings from my final two consults-will share in sequence over the next 4 days.

….. While awaiting a decision from my team: Depuy hip Revision or not?

Updated recommendations re the decision: Depuy hip revision or not.

My conundrum with the logic surrounding the revision options with the Depuy hip

Up date on my Depuy hip consult conclusions: Decision to Revise

My final visit with my Ortho Surgeon tomorrow

My final appointment with the ortho surgeon today

Where do all of these medical articles come from?

The Pinnacle Hip recommended for my revision surgery?

My Rants

Pre Op Appointment with Orthopedic Surgeon tomorrow

Follow up with my surgeon-selected the hip for revision

Preliminary Post Op Report for Connie

Follow up with my ortho Surgeon this morning from revision last Monday

Silent soft tissue pathology is common with a modern metal-on-metal hip arthroplasty.

Progress from my revision sugery two weeks ago.

What does the wound of a revision surgery look like?

What is the Story with the Hip explants (hip removed after revision.) Part 1 of 2

Evaluating the Hip Explant: What are we searching for in an explant analysis? (part 2 of 2)

Progress on Connie's hip about 8 weeks post op

Connie's status with her investigation into tumor type growths (7 of x)

 Appointment with My orthopedic surgeon today to follow up my revision in Nov: tidbits

Wear Analysis report for explanted hip (connie's hip.) part 1 of x.

Wear Analysis report for explanted hip (connie's hip.) part 2 of 2.

Chromium and Cobalt levels 4 months post revision

Surgery on Friday 4/20/12

Post Op surgery 4/21/12

Cancer and my post op path testing

No word yet on my path tests but should hear today

Testing for the metals and related issues are not in but the final path diagnosis is in.

Metal Test result back from the research lab

"Weird" paths with my cancer....first appointment with one of the top three cancer hospitals

My results from a 2nd metals test: FISH testing for T(14;18) Translocations

A bit more information about how I am selecting my cancer therapy to consider the hip issues

3rd Oncology consult relating to the link between the reoccurance of the cancer, the hip revision and treatment options

Progress with 2nd opinions on hip revision and cancer recurrence

My surgeon says 18 months to heal from revision

A hip replacement, then revision, now a shoulder replacement?

Update on Connie's Condition: Trials and tribulations of a complex hip case and its potential relationship to the reccurence of cancer

Update on Connie's condition with respect to the cancer reoccurance

Literature Summary of Chromium and cobalt levels (2 of x)

My Tumor growth data post hip revision ( 1 of 2)

My tumor growth levels pre and post revision coupled with my chromium and cobalt levels (2 of 2)