Sunday, January 19, 2014

The ASR site for settlement documentation

This is the new site for settlement documentation re the ASR hip:

This is the information contained on that site:

Final Settlement Agreement dated November 19, 2013 (with Exhibits, except Claim Form and Lien Checklist)   View
Part B Award Schedule for the Extraordinary Injury Fund (December 23, 2013)   View
3 ASR U.S. Litigation Settlement Program Overview   View
4 Transcript of MDL 2197 Settlement Conference (November 19, 2013)  View
Transcript of New Jersey Case Management Conference (November 21, 2013)  View
Transcript of Illinois Case Management Conference (November 25, 2013)  View
Materials Required for Enrollment (December 9, 2013)  View

A document which provides and overview of the key parts of the reimbursement plan:

The key dates of this program are:


  1. Has anyone received anything from Depuy?

  2. Do you mean from the MDL or from Depuy directly? Those patients who have chosen to file through the MDL have received all of the settlement paperwork and the compensation for the "injuries" are due to be remitted to the patients in August of 2014.