Saturday, July 6, 2013

Time is running out in NY to file a suit: File or not? Index of transcrpit comments from the Depuy vs Kransky trial

[This is a centralized Index of my comments on the Depuy vs Kransky trial.  Getting a bit too long to post prior to new posts so will keep this index current and refer to it prior to each new post on this trial so that you can go back to prior posts if you so desire.]

I am reading the Kransky vs Depuy trial transcripts and making notes which are of interest to me in my quest to decide whether to file or not prior to the 3 year statute of limitations in NY.

This was a long trial and obviously, I can only summarize certain things which will answer questions I have about what transpired in this trial.  Everything contained herein is a summary.  Some quotes are used  but most of this is material summarized by me based on my interpretation of the transcripts.

 Part One of x can be found here:

Part Two:

Part Three: Questioning of Dr Schmalzried Part 1 :  My summary of his testimony can be found here:

Part Four:  Schmalzried (Dr S) Part 2 of my summary of his testimony.  It can be found here:

Part Five :  Schamalzried (Dr S) Part 3 of my summary of  his testimony  here:

Part Six: Schmalzried (Dr. S) Part 4 and  my summary of his final testimony can be found here:

Part Seven:

  • Part Seven of the series:  There will be 4 posts on the opening testimony which of course presents the plaintiffs and defense view of the case.    Part 1 of 4 in the opening remarks by the attorneys.
  • Plaintiffs attorney (part 1 of 2)

Part Eight of the series:  part 2 of 2 of the opening remarks from the defense.

Part Nine of the series:  Defense opening remarks:

Part Ten of the series:  Interrogatories Magnus Flett part one:

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