Friday, May 10, 2013

South African Claimants to Sue DePuy in British Court


It was in 2010 when DePuy, prosthesis manufacturer, an affiliate of Johnson & Johnson's group, recalled hip implants. There are a number of South Africans who have suffered damages with regard to the recall.

Therefore, they are going to sue DePuy in a British court. More than 170 South African claimants are going to sue hip replacement manufacturer DePuy.

Sunelle van Heerden, from medical malpractice attorneys, said the South African clients were not able to file case in South Africa. Henceforth, they filed a case in Britain and DePuy's jurisdiction objection has also been dismissed in the court.

It has been said that the South African claimants have been seeking millions in damages. "The dismissal of DePuy's jurisdiction objection means that the claims can now proceed to a trial at which it will be argued that the hip implants were unsafe and defective", said Van Heerden.

Van Heerden said the victims have suffered pain and financial losses and its compensation should be paid. In addition, a British study has found changes in cells present in bladder of a number of patients, who have undergone hip implant surgery.

Design problem was found in the metal-on-metal implants, said experts. On the other hand, DePuy said they regret that the hip implants did not proved to be useful as it was expected.

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