Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Primary Metal-on-Metal Hip Arthroplasty was not associated with Increased Cancer Risk

Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery
Feb 26th, 2013

(Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a legible abstract.)

Question:do patients with MoM hip artheroplasty have an increased risk of cancer?

Location:  Finland/information from the Finland artheroplasty registry was linked to the cancer registry.

Size of the study:  11K patients or so   in the metal group and about 18K in the non metal group

Results:   The risk of the development of cancer in any patients with MoM hips did not differ from the Finish population as a whole and did not differ from the non MoM population.

Conclusion:  Patients with MoM hips were not at increased risk for cancer after a 4 year follow up.


Nothing new here.  The important thing is to read the footnote which is exactly the same footnote that a similar study published in the BMJ a year ago noted:  "this study was observational and had short term follow up.   Some cancers have longer latency and require a longer follow up."

Now, what I would like to see is a break out of this study which examines only the population in remission pre hip surgery.  I would then compare any onset of tumor growth post surgery.  I would measure the number of patients who had growth in that sub population, measure the time it took for tumor growth (if any) and the size of the tumors pre and post.   It should not be too difficult to split that population out of the test population I would imagine.

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