Friday, November 16, 2012

Smith & Nephew plc : Turning complex hip revisions into efficient, reproducible surgeries with the new REDAPT? Revision Femoral System from Smith & Nephew

Smith & Nephew (LSE:SN NYSE:SNN), the global medical technology business, announces the launch of their new REDAPT? Revision Femoral System. Designed to bring the concept of personalized patient treatments to the revision hip market, the new system's versatility allows surgeons to effectively recreate a patient's unique functionality while quickly and easily addressing issues such as poor bone quality and proximal/distal mismatch.
"With other revision systems, the main goal is simply to provide a patient with a stable joint," says Dr. Reid Brown of Louisville Bone and Joint Specialists in Kentucky. "REDAPT changes these outcome expectations to include the type of functional standards typically associated with primary total hip replacements. And, it does so with streamlined, reproducible instrumentation and a shorter learning curve."
Unlike many of the other revision systems, the REDAPT System's unique and efficient surgical technique allows a surgeon to prepare the femoral canal and complete full hip range of motion tests completely off its instrumentation. This gives the surgeon an ability to determine precise implant position for optimal stability before introducing a solid stem, predictably within the femoral canal. The advantage of the solid, monolithic stem is that it means a surgeon can avoid placing a modular, mid-stem junction at a critical, high stress location for the stem.
Also contributing to the system's overall versatility are its two available stem styles - a Proximally Fluted (PF), or sleeveless, stem for use when proximal bone defects are limited, and a Modular Sleeved (MS) stem for cases where proximal and distal bone defects are more prevalent. During pre-launch evaluation, both stem styles received very positive reviews from surgeons. In particular, surgeons appreciated the REDAPT System's ability to provide reproducible stem positioning due to its taper design, precision instrumentation and use of Smith & Nephew's proprietary ROCKTITE? Flutes, which deliver "rock-solid" distal fixation in all defect types.
"Modularity is critical in today's increasing complicated total hip revision surgery," says Dr. Mathias Bostrom of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. "As the revision becomes more complex, modularity is what allows me to restore center of rotation, return leg length and provide a stable hip for my patients."
With the REDAPT System, surgeons are also able to "fine tune" the joint for leg length, offset, and version through the system's five available modular neck options; four of which can be inverted. When combined, the system's multiple head lengths and neck options mean that the REDAPT system offers surgeons 54 head center options. Each neck is compatible with Smith & Nephew cobalt chrome, ceramic, and OXINIUM? heads.
"Our goal was to create one system that surgeons could rely on for any type of revision from mild to severe," says Gaurav Agarwal, DSVP and General Manager for Smith & Nephew's Advanced Surgical Devices Division. "Not only did we achieve our goal, we created a system that's revolutionary in its versatility, its simplicity and its reproducibility."


Hummmm, well, I guess you have to react to the market.  Since thier recall has dented thier earnings, now they seem to be targeting the revision market?

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