Friday, November 30, 2012

My tumor growth levels pre and post revision coupled with my chromium and cobalt levels (2 of 2)

Interesting to see how the tumors grew with the revision and how the tumors appear to be receding 12 months after the revision as the chromium and cobalt levels recede.

The revision occurred on Nov of 2011.  The tumors are listed  in the first chart.  You can see how from the date of the revision in 11/11 through 4/12 the tumors were growing.  By July of 2012, the tumors began to stabilize.

The chromium and cobalt levels are in the second chart.  You can see the dramatic decrease in the levels which likely resulted in the tumors stabilizing.  Both of my oncologists commented that it seems for now, the tumors are stabilized.  This is very good news.  We are not sure for how long but I would be happy if they just don't grow again.  While the Cr and Co is not gone, hopefully, the growth of the tumors will continue to be stabilized.

You can see in the chromium and cobalt chart that there was a drastic decrease in blood metal levels over the year following the revision. So the levels after the 3/9/11 reading are all post revision levels.


  1. Connie, have you done any cleansing to get rid of the metal in your blood? There are "natural" chelation methods to bind the metals and carry them out of your blood stream.

  2. Hi, no I have not becuase the toxicologist said Chelation won't help this problem.