Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Tumor growth data post hip revision ( 1 of 2)

Pre revision:

I was released from 5 years of cancer monitoring post nephrectomy with no signs of recurrence of the cancer.....then the hip revision happened in 2012 and one month later, look what happened

Post revision:


Tomorrow, I will show you how the decreasing Cr and Cobalt levels map to the stability of the tumors.  Very interesting stuff indeed.  Some say all of of these relationships might be coincidental:
  • I was released from 5 years of CT monitoring post nephrectomy  (removal of one of my kidneys due to a cancerous growth.)  The first table above shows that my scans were pretty clear for 5 years.
  • One month following the revision, all of these tumors grew.  I believe there is a relationship between the tumor growth and the revision due to the documented research findings of oxidative stress which is caused with these metals. In a revision surgery, it has certainly been demonstrated  that more metal sloughing occurs at the time of revision surgery which is perfectly logical with all of the chopping and twisting and turning that occurs to remove a prosthetic.
  • Since the revision a year ago, my chromium and cobalt levels have dropped dramatically.  I will add those measures to these dates so you can  see the relationships now in the tumor stability.
All completely fascinating. 

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