Monday, November 26, 2012

Literature Summary of Chromium and cobalt levels (2 of x)

A few months ago, I published the summary of the findings from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Of their review of all of the key studies done on the MoM hip implants.  they reviewed 3038 documents that were consistent with their standards of review to reach conclusions re the MoM hip issues.

Metal-On-Metal Hip Implants-a Technology Overview by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons ( 1 of x)

I just completed my follow up on the metal levels in my body over time (pre and post surgery). You can see the levels  below: (my revision took place in November of 2011.

chromium BloodCobalt Bloodchromium SerumCobalt Serum Cr24 hour urineCo 24 hour urine
1/4/201128 mcg/l34 mcg/l
1/30/201186ug/l10 ug/l
2/9/201121.6 ug/l24 ug/l
3/29/201146.85 ng/l28.5 ng/ml
3/8/20127.5 mg/l2.5 mg/l 
7/3/201211.74 ng/l1.57ng/l

I am really taken aback at the levels found in the literature summarized by the American Academy of Ortho surgeons (AAOS) from their literature survey. Specifically, I was interested in seeing the low levels of Cr and Co pre and post revision vs my levels. My levels were really high compared to what was found in the literature. See that table  for Chromium levels and  cobalt levels from the various studies

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