Friday, October 12, 2012

Zimmer Celebrates 15 Years of Advanced Orthopaedic Implant Technology

Zimmer, Inc.

— /PRNewswire/ -- Zimmer, Inc., a global leader in musculoskeletal health, today celebrated 15 years of clinical history of its Trabecular Metal™ Technology at its dedicated facility in Parsippany, New Jersey. Trabecular Metal Technology is a core platform technology for Zimmer, helping the Company restore mobility and alleviate pain for millions of people around the world.

"Trabecular Metal Technology is among the greatest innovations in orthopaedics in the last 15 years. No other porous metal material so closely resembles the structure, function and physiology of trabecular bone. That is why Trabecular Metal Technology continues to set the standard in the industry," said Jeff McCaulley, President, Zimmer Reconstructive. "Trabecular Metal Material features unmatched porosity, which helps living tissue and bone grow onto and into joint replacements and implants."
Since its introduction in 1997, Trabecular Metal Technology has been used in more than 800,000 surgeries worldwide. The technology has been featured in more than 240 clinical publications and countless surgeons have adopted it for use with their patients. Over the past 15 years, applications of Trabecular Metal Technology have grown steadily. Trabecular Metal Technology is now used in knee, hip and shoulder replacements, trauma applications, spine implants, dental implants and bone void fillers and augments used in oncology.

Zimmer's Parsippany Trabecular Metal Technology facility is 115,000 square feet, boasts 230 employees and runs 24/7. In addition to manufacturing, it hosts a Zimmer Institute training center, providing medical education and training to hundreds of surgeons and dental clinicians each year

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