Thursday, October 25, 2012

Faulty medical implants investigation: 'We’re paid by manufacturer so want deal to succeed'

The Telegraph

10:14PM BST 24 Oct 2012


But, earlier this month, in a meeting on the 14th floor of the building in South Korea, two undercover reporters from The Daily Telegraph posing as representatives from a Chinese company were discussing just such a licence.
As the air conditioning hummed in the background, the four smartly dressed Korean men began their presentation — in reality, a sales pitch about how they would effectively be able to guarantee that a metal-on-metal hip implant which should be banned could soon find its way legally into British operating theatres.
The president of the company, Dr Gong, said that the firm was the “best in the world” and the “exclusive partner” of a medical devices regulator in the Czech Republic. As part of their relationship with the regulator they did “all the results” for Asian companies that applied for the necessary CE certification.
With more than 1,000 clients, they could offer a “competitive” fee to the undercover reporters sitting before them. “We only focus on how to help our clients”, said one of the employees as he flicked through the presentation.
Towards the end of the meeting, when asked by an undercover reporter why features of the European system were so attractive, Dr Gong rubbed his fingers together, saying “money”.

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