Friday, August 17, 2012

Law firm offers "no win no fee guarantee" for hip replacement patients: What????

This is a real doozie.  Just think about this kookie offer:

" no win/no fee guarantee"

Now, this is just silly.  You should never be paying out of pocket for any litigation of this sort.  There are no lawyers who would ever charge a patient money for this type of litigation.  100% of them are paid only upon success.  If they win the case, they get paid and you get some of the money which generally ranges from 50% to70%  of the proceeds given to the patient.

This kind of advertising is just nonsense.  It makes a patient think that this law firm is offering something special that other firms can't or won't offer.  UNTRUE.  All firms offer similar arrangements.  There is some ability to  negotiate  the fees however but you aren't going to run into many differences between firms.

Cavaet emptor my fellow patients!

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