Sunday, August 5, 2012

Clock is ticking for DePuy hip patients

The Cork news
Keith Watterson
And she insisted that she was behaving with the best interests of patients in mind: “I certainly would not push people down the road of bringing a case. But I am all for people being able to make an informed choice, and if someone has chosen, after considering their position, not to go down that road, then that is fine. But I would be concerned about people who effectively make that choice due to the deadline for the Statute of Limitations passing.”
Between them, the Cork solicitors have issued over 20 medical negligence actions against DePuy regarding the faulty hip implants.


[Not all states in US have a 2 year statute of limitations.  If you type in Statue of Limitations in the blog search engine, you will find information on the statute by state.  New York for instance has a 3 year statute of limitations

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