Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stryker Recall Harms its Key Argument About its Hip Implants

Attorneys say the recall of Stryker Corp.’s Rejuvenate and ABG II metal hip replacement components may undermine a key defense argument made by the manufacturers that the metal-on-metal hip replacements are not intrinsically faulty.

Stryker’s device differentiates from other metal-on-metal hip implants because it has a metal neck inside the metal stem rather than a metal ball rubbing against a metal socket, according to Law360 (subscription required). Nevertheless, the tissue injury risks linked with the Stryker hips are identical to the ones linked to other metal hips such as DePuy’s ASR, say attorneys.

Last month some of the medical device makers tried to argue to the Food and Drug Administration that their hip replacement products were too different to be lumped together in a class but should be considered on a case-by-case basis, writes Law360.


Amazing the extent to which metal  device makers will go in order to avoid being lumped into the the MoM litigation.

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