Saturday, June 16, 2012

Study shows metal on metal hip patients not getting blood tests!

Data emerging from Dr. Tom Joyce's  patient survey shows that some UK patients are having trouble getting blood tests done. As part of its medical device alert issued in February 2012, the MHRA  (agency in England that is equivalent to the FDA in the US) included an appendix on management recommendations for patients with metal-on-metal hip replacement implants. They give advice on the frequency of blood tests for different classes of metal-on-metal hips and patients may find this useful when talking to their doctor.

While this information is for England, Scotland and Wales, I thought the format was really easy to follow in terms of the directives and not too much different than the US guidelines.  [I gotta tell you, this is quite a bit more reasonable than the US guidelines.  NOTE:  FOR ASYMPTOMATIC PATIENTS WITH THE DEPUY HIP, THEY RECOMMEND BLOOD TESTS ANNUALLY FOR THE LIFE OF THE IMPLANT.  NOTE ALSO, THEY RECOMMEND AN MRI IN ALL CASES where a Depuy MoM hip has been implanted.  These recommendations are far more reasonable than those sanctioned by the FDA.  These directivies should immediately be adopted by the FDA.  Show your Surgeon this chart if they are giving you a problem with giving you a blood test when you are asymptompatic with a MOM Depuy hip.  England has much more experience with this hip and in fact they were the first to raise the issue surrounding the MoM hip.]

The questionnaire about people's experiences with metal-on-metal hip implants is now available. If you have such an implant, please consider completing it here.

I wrote about this questionnaire in a prior blog:  Survey Participation requested by Dr. Tom Joyce's group at New Castle University in England: Patient experiences with the Depuy Hip and others.....

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