Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My surgeon says 18 months to heal from revision

I had another 3 month revision follow up from my surgery in November of last year.  Had 4 agenda items:

(1) Why am I not healing as expected?
  • I am still limping when I get up from a chair. Why?  In my last visit, he told me it would take a good year to heal from a revision surgery.  This time he said it would 18 months.  I am skeptical about recovering from this.
 (2)  Should I have another MRI to see if there is fluid accumulating on my hip joint which is causing this problem or additional tissue damage perhaps?

  • He has not been able to get the MRIs working to the extent that HSS (hospital in NYC that is an orthopeidic speciality hospital.)  He said he was skeptical about using the protocals available locally since the resolution of the MRIs were not great.  He suggested that we wait for another 3 months and then go to NYC to get the MAVRIC protocal.

 (3) Communicate the oxidative stress observation that may have linked the renal cancer reoccurance following a 5 year "cured" diagnosis with the hip revsion. 
  • No comment.  He listened but made not one comment.  I showed him the diagram that I have published in previous posts.  He said he would put it with my other documents.
(4) When will my Cr and Co levels go back to normal?
  • In his experience, most patients do go back to normal but it takes time.  I am almost normal in the Cr levels but not the Co levels.

He asked that I come back in 3 months.  I did tell him that my orthopedic consult did run some tests on whether I am allergic to these products.

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