Monday, May 28, 2012

My results from a 2nd metals test: FISH testing for T(14;18) Translocations

The second metal tests are in.  The first one can be found here which was to confirm that there were no metals found in the first tumor (Ovary): (all on the blog)  Metal Test result back from the research lab   The results were as we expected.

This  new test was the Cytogenitics test based on the research done on finding translocations in hip patients.

Background on this topic can be found here:

Summary of the Systemic issues dicussed from 7a-7n/14 articles considered by the committee on mutagenicity

Quantification of t(14;18) in the lymphocytes of healthy adult humans as a possible biomarker for environmental exposures to carcinogens.

Evidence for a possible need for Cytogenic testing with Depuy hips or MoM hips (3 of x)

Detection of T (14;18) translocations in pheripheral blood lymphcytes in patients with total hip ateroplasty

Test results:

Note:  I have to review this with someone who understands the research test.  I can give you the answer I got but I have to talk to someone about the test methodology.  We ran these tests on the Ovarian tissues that was removed not on a sample from blood lymphocytes so again, this is preliminary.

  •  The FISH analysis is negative for the ALK gene arrangement in all of teh cells analyzed.
  • The FISH analysis with the probe specific for the (14;18) translocation was performed on 400 interphase nuclei.  There was no t (14;18) rearrangement  detected.
  • There were signals detected on two hybridizations with the 3p14.2 detected.
I will follow up on this.



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