Thursday, May 17, 2012

Metal Test result back from the research lab

I finally got my results back from the research lab specializing in metal analysis.

Due to the recurrence of my cancer after complete discharge from the surgeon a year ago, there were three things that we were interesting in reviewing post revision when we noticed that tumors began growing and the in situ renal cell carcinoma metastasized. :
(1) I am very pleased that the chromium and cobalt levels are dropping considerably.  They have certainly dropped in half since the revision.  Still concerned though about these metal levels mixed with chemical levels from the cancer treatment which I have not yet started.

(2)  I am relieved with  results from the tests to  detect any metals in the organ which was removed from the recent surgery showed no metal particles:

(3) I  haven't seen the results from the cytogenetic test yet.

Remember, I am taking two paths to dismiss the metals as being contributory to this occurrence.  I do not think the metals caused the renal cell cancer because I had it before and it reoccurred.  I have not ruled out the fact that the revision might have precipitated the recurrence by flooding my body with yet more metals which would increase the activity of the immune system by trying to fight the foreign material thereby providing an opportunity  for dormant or orphan cells to flourish.    That process might be termed "onconogenic stiumulation".  That discussion will be left to the cancer specialists I am seeing.

I am concerned about how, if at all, this activity effects the treatment paradigm for my current cancer therapy when and if it begins.  

Also, the association between the metals and cancer from a causative perspective are a bit more long term (so I have been lead to believe).  I do want to see the T 14-18 translocation results from the cytogenetic tests however.  I will share those with you when I have them.


  1. The test is like the one they do for some asr hip recall cases. Glad that your metal test finally clarified your condition.

  2. Just wanted to clarify that this metal test was done only on one organ; the ovary which was removed a few weeks ago. While I did not suspect metal in that organ, I wanted to make sure that was not the case. metals continue to remain in my blood based on the blood tests which i continue to have to monitor those levels.