Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What are the 6 reasons why Depuy may not reimburse your revision claim?

I saw this on a news broadcast that noted it was on the Depuy web site.  I see this no where on the Depuy web site.  Perhaps it was there once and removed?  Anyway, I don't get this list at all.  Maybe someone else understands the  nature of this list? 

Perhaps the readers can comment?

1.  The revision was not legally caused by the product at issue.

2.  Allergic Reaction

3.  Idiosyncratic reaction: 

(pharmacy, medicine) A reaction to a medication that is unusual and unpredictable, specific to a particular person. Unlike allergy, it can occur on first exposure to the medication, unlike a side effect, it affects only very few individuals.

4. Idiopathic reaction

Of, relating to, or designating a disease having no known cause.

5. Unforeseeable accident

6.  Preexisting condition

Anyone else get this?  comments?

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  1. They are basically saying they are not responsible for reimbursement for anyone's Revision Surgey to replace one of their Pinnacle or ASR Hips Implants, if the casue for the revision or failure is attributed to anything other than their implant itself failing.