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Surgery on Friday 4/20/12

Hello fellow readers,

As you know from prior posts, on Friday, I will be undergoing my first surgery to determine the nature of these "tumors/Growths" that have appeared in the last 12 months. 

Since December, there has been lots of discussion about the nature of these growths.  There are at least 4 growths that the surgeons have targeted as unknown in nature and of concern to my medical team.

The objective of the surgery is to determine the nature of the least problematic of the growths (in terms of accessibility)  to either biopsy or removal of the lymph node/granuloma or organ.  The first growth is either on or near the ovary (could be a lymph node and not the ovary itself.)  The ambiguity arises because the first growth is located right near my hip prosthesis and it is difficult to make out the exact nature of it.  (The hip shines on the films so it  makes it difficult to read.)

The surgery, while not complex, will be done with the Divinci robot laproscopically.  It is an important surgery which hopefully will result in some indication as to what the pathology is of this "tumor" and also provide an indication of the nature of  the other growths.

As stated in prior posts on this issue, there are a wide range of possibilities which may include but are not limited to cancer ( 5 years ago, I had a cancer in situ removed in one of my kidney's) and or granulomas, the latter likely a result of the hip revision.  The surgeon who performed the nephrectomy does not think this is a recurrence of the renal cell carcinoma.  The GYN onclogist does not believe it is ovarian cancer.  A renal pathologist does not believe these growths have a path that is indicative of kidney cancer.  My research has resulted in the possibility of Granuloma formation as a result of the hip revision. 
I have discussed the the need to get some metal histochemical staining on the tissue which is removed and have requested the  T(14;18) translocation test via the FISH test (flourensence in situ hybridization)  which is the one possible test for looking at early DNA alterations which could possibly have resulted from the metals in the hip over time.  The latter test is one which has not been exposed to the hip population at large.  I am wondering if it should be in a research setting?

The literature suggests a long term gestation period for metal induced cancer.  I don't know but by nature, I question everything.  DNA alterations are not things that happen quickly.  Most of the medical literature concludes that changes such as these take years not months to come about.

I have no clue at this point whether any of these growths are related to this hip.  What I can say,  and has been mentioned in previous posts re this subject, is that none of these growths were present one year prior to their discovery in December of last year.  One month post revision, we became aware of the growths which of course, does not mean there is a connection between the growths and the revision.  Maybe its all coincidental?

I will certainly post whatever I can as soon as I can re this investigation and my findings .

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Wish me luck! Thanks for all of your support.  It's important to me.


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  1. Sending you all the love and support in the world. You are a brave woman. We'll all be with you in spirit. Pam