Saturday, April 21, 2012

Post Op surgery

Well, I am one day post op after removal of the first tumor located on my left ovary near the hip implant.  I got a preliminary path report today which was diagnosed as a cancer.  They don't know what kind of cancer yet but will be testing for that this week.

Just wanted to let you know.  Should be back hip blogging by tomorrow.

Thanks for your notes!



  1. Your in your prayers Connie and Please continue the work you do. your information is priceless. I am in recovery from my revision of the ASR and it had bee a tuff road,but getting better. We pray for you, take care.

  2. Thankyou Jenn. Hope your recovery is going well. it takes time. Nothing is fast in this arena. I am now 6 months post op still limping a bit but it does get better each day.

    Best in your recovery.


  3. I will also be praying for you Connie. I am about 9 months out from my revision of the ASR. They removed the cup and replaced it with some kind of polyurethane. They left the stem in my femur but removed the ball and put in one with a smaller diameter. My left leg is atrophied from 2 hip replacements and 12 full dislocations in the last 5 years, but I am doing much better than I was with the ASR. It will be interesting to see if they can definitively link your cancer to high metal levels. I will be following your story and will have more of mine up once I'm done building Thank you so much for your courage and for your desire to help others. I felt the same calling when I was trying to do research and was bombarded with legal sites that were cut and dry and detached. I benefit much more when I get the info from people who are actually going through it like I am. We may be struggling the rest of our lives with the consequences of Depuys negligent behavior, and I, like you, want to help others, and get help from others who understand the challenges. God bless you!

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    1. Hi Jason,

      I am happy to hear you are doing much better! Good luck with your recovery.

      As an aside, I am trying to dismiss the hip as being causative in this cancer I now have.

      Best of luck,