Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cancer and my post op path testing

I don't have my tests back yet but I would like to clarify something.  My objective in the path testing is not prove that my cancer is related to the hip.  I don't think there is any test I can take to prove that.  I am interested in trying to eliminate the hip metals as being contributory to my current condition. The causative comes investigation comes later  if there is a later. That is different than trying to prove  that my cancer was  caused by the hip.  I have had a prior occurrence of cancer.  Did this metal stuff work somehow to surface this again?  Who knows.

I am going to pick up on my past  series on the Immune system because I think there is a clear link between stress to the immune system (perhaps from metals), cancer and the issues that are seen with the hip.  I don't know the order of these nor do I know which comes first but I will begin this immune perspective in the next week.
The tests I have embarked on are tests  that might indicate that we should explore this relationship (between the hip and cancer) further.  Why bother? Because I believe there are some really smart Research physicians in the medical community who have questions about this link between metals and cancer.  I have listed the publications of these studies in numerous prior posts.

The types of things I am looking for in the path tests:
  • Are there any metal nanoparticles contained in the tumors, of which I have a number of them?  We are only on my first biopsy.
  • Do the translocation tests show any abnormalities in the t(14,19) that have shown up previously to occur in metal on metal patients? [having this abnormalities does not  mean cancer is inevitable.]
  • Are the remainder of these so called tumors/growths etc actually cancerous or are they granulomas?
  • If this is a kidney cancer, why did it take the path of growth it did which is atypical of kidney cancer?
  • Why did these growths all become apparent after the revision when one year prior there was no evidence of any growths via the CT scans? stay tuned.....
On the research side, I continue to connect the links that others may see as co incidental.....more on this later.

Once I have the path finding from last Fridays surgery, I will have one more data point.  Will I prove anything by the time these tests are ready?  Absolutely not. 
Its just  hard for me to buy into a cancer recurrence when I hear things from the medical team like:
  • This is not a recurrence of the primary renal cell carcinoma.
  • The tumor path this has taken is not typical of any kind of renal cell carcinoma.
  • Something else must be at play given none of these tumors were there a year ago.
  • How did they grow so fast?
  • Why aren't you experiencing any symptoms?
I am one to believe there are no mysteries in medicine.  It's just that the science has not caught up with the occurrence of certain things to explain them.  Researchers have yet to tie the pieces of the puzzle together..."ye"t being the operative word.

What I have learned from dealing with this situation is that sadly, the physicians often times do not know what causes a cancer and the cause doesn't seem to be an issue.   Once the diagnosis is made, the treatment is already predetermined regardless of the cause.  I will never understand this.  It makes no sense to me that the cause doesn't inform treatment. It will never make sense to me.