Friday, March 2, 2012

The British regulators announce a requirement to have MOM Depuy hips checked annually in patients for the rest of thier lives

This 10 minute video was released yesterday by the BBC (British Broadcasting) from the principal investigative reporter who wrote the article which I posted yesterday:

Click this link  below to get to the video.  The screen is not clickable:  The video will only  be posted on the BBC site for a few weeks.  if the link is dead, the video was removed.

I found the following interesting on this video:
  • The decision by the MHRA (British regulator) to require annual monitoring of the MOM hips
  • The comments by the surgeons  about the significant damage observed during surgery very similar to what I have experienced: eating away the pelvis
  • The lax process that is required to get a hip on the market vs getting a drug on the market.
  • I was amazed to see the metal particles removed as I thought they were all microscopic sized particles.  Wrong.  These particles were quite large.
  • The surgeon who was hired to train the surgeons in Brittan on inserting the MOM depuy hips is now an expert witness for the prosecution!
  • The reporter commented that  J&J (Depuy's parent) has actually set aside  $3Billion to deal with the law suits. I don't recall the set aside being as high.

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  1. Connie,
    My understanding is that there was an approx. $900,000 set back in their fiscal 2010, and close to $3billion in fiscal 2011. I imagine they know the writing is on the wall and are accruing for the cost of litigation, settlements etc.