Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Appointment with My orthopedic surgeon today to follow up my revision in Nov: tidbits

Couple of things I found of interest:

(1) Teeth cleaning, fillings , antibiotics and the hip? Had an appointment with my dentist prior to seeing the orthopedic surgeon today.  I had not taken antibiotics prior to the visit and the Dentist was not particularly happy about the fact.  After questioning my orthopedic surgeon today, he highly recommended taking antibiotics prior to any dental appointment for the rest of my life, especially if it involves teeth cleaning.  Why?  too much bacteria in the blood after teeth cleaning.  You don't want to risk infection getting to the hip.

(2) Hips lighting up on Pet scans.  I found it interesting that in Pet scans, hypermetabolic activity (something lighting up) may result from either inflammation, infection or cancerous growths.  So I asked the Orthopedic surgeon about the inflammation of the the revised hip.  He told me that the hip will likely remain inflamed for a year post revision.  Gee, how interesting is that?   and we  think we are better in 3 months!

(3) Start up- I asked the surgeon why after 3 months I was having some issues getting going...taking the first few steps as a limp after I had been sitting.  He said this was perfectly normal.  He said they call it "start up."  Your walking gets better after you take the first few steps and the longer you  walk, the less you limp.  All signs of the hip getting better.  He assured me it would stop over time.

I requested another Chromium and cobalt blood test to look at my levels 3 months post op.  He wrote the script.   He requires another post op check at 6 months.  Got an Xray as well.  Hip was in great position.

We discussed at some length, the tumors that have been discovered in the last few months and we have a plan to address the examination (testing) of them.  I will provide some feedback on that once we have it.



  1. "that the hip will likely remain inflamed for a year post revision" - interesting - explains perhaps why mine is still sore after op in Aug. Xray = fine. Interesting about getting retested for cobalt and chromium. My surgeon wouldn't let me - said there's no need. Not sure I'm happy with that. I've got to have my other hip replaced (not done before) - soon; it's agony - hope that won't slow down revised hip getting better. Glad to hear you're doing well.

    1. Hi, I am also a ASR Bilateral. My revisions were Nov 2010 and Jan 2011. I still have MAJOR issues with both hips. I do PT every day and then can barely move the rest of the day. The swelling and pain in my L are incredible and it migrates to my lower back leaving me stuck in a recliner.
      You can get your Co/Cr tested via your family doctor. You don't need the "special test" to know if your levels are elevated. Make sure they use the correct vials. You won't see your levels go down dramatically until your other hip is revised. I pray your outcome is better than mine but if I were you, I'd get the other revision done ASAP. Prayers to you and the rest of us battlling this aweful deliberate destruction. All for the sake of corporate profits. SICK

  2. Connie, have you finally found the doc who can run the show and finally figure out what is happening with these tumors? Pam

  3. No. I think you are right. the medical model doesn't allow for collaborative disagreement.

    A struggle.