Sunday, January 22, 2012

Short summary on the financials of the hip orthopedic companies

Written by Laura Miller | January 20, 2012 

Biomet experienced a 4 percent increase in net sales during 2Q of the 2012 fiscal year, despite a 5 percent drop in worldwide spine sales. This comes after a 10 percent drop in spine sales during 1Q of FY 2012. [Magnum]

Johnson & Johnson's DePuy Orthopaedics reported a 1.5 percent decrease in U.S. sales during 3Q of 2011. Worldwide sales increased by 5.7 percent. J&J reported $109 million in total expenses due to litigation related to the DePuy ASR Hip implant recall last year. [ Depuy ASR and Pinnacle]

Revenue was up for Smith & Nephew during 3Q, despite poor market growth from its orthopedics business. The company's overall revenue increased by 10 percent to $1 billion, but orthopedics sales only increased by 3 percent  [Birmingham Hip resurfacing]

Wright Medical Group reported a 3 percent decrease in net sales during 3Q to $118.2 million. Domestic sales decreased by 7 percent while international sales only grew by 3.6 percent. Knee, hip and biologics sales decreased. [Conserve and the Profemer]

Overseas markets drove Zimmer's 6.9 percent sales increase during 3Q. The company reported net sales of $1 million, due to a 17 percent increase in the European market. The American market remained flat. [Duron]

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