Friday, January 13, 2012

Mayo Clinic Hot Topic

I strongly  recommend watching this 15 minute video.  Two physicians from the Mayo clinic are speaking, one is an orthopedic surgeon (boring) but the second speaker is quite interesting and in fact, he  addresses concerns about these chromium and cobalt levels which you ask about often:

What levels are considered to be  high?
What levels are considered to be  toxic?

It is quite good.  The second physician is a pathologist from the biochem and Immunology labs.  These guys are all interesting.  They are the ones who have interesting insights into the levels.

Pay special attention to  the 10 minute marker.  If I understood what he said ....and BTW, I have never heard a physician ever say this nor I have ever seen this written seems to be  the big secrete involved in Chromium 6 vs Chromium 3.  Important and I take this verbatim from the video"

  • Chromium 6 is Toxic
  • When Chromium 6 is exposed to  biologic tissue, it instantly is converted to Chromium 3 by cellular reducing enzymes.
  • Reduction of Chromium 6 to Chromium 3 releases enzymes that are destructive to surrounding tissue initiating the carcinogenic process.
Now, here is what is strange.  The video goes on to say, Chromium 3 is not toxic.  Only Chromium 3 is released into orthopedic implants.

Are we to assume that while chromium 3 is not toxic, but it is carcinogenic, that is no big deal?  I am not sure which is worse.  Now, how in the heck can it be stated in one sentence that when chromium 6 is exposed to tissue, it converts to 3 but only chromium 3 is released into the orthopedic implants?  Chromium 6 has to be subjected to tissue to convert to chromium 3 therefore, it had to be chromium 6 when it entered the body!

Something doesn't make sense here.  I have had a confirmation that Chromium 6 is what is introduced by the metal hips however the time duration is so short that it doesn't matter.  What?  No.  I do not buy that for one second.  This is like telling a lady she is sort of pregnant.  the toxic substance was either introduced or it wasn't right?  yes or no? 

1.  I do believe that Chromium 6 is introduced into the body
2.  I do believe that Chromium 6 converts to 3 fast
3.  I do believe that in the conversion process (however short it may be), it releases enzymes that are destructive to the surrounding tissue initiating the carcinogenic process.

You guys  listen to this video and tell me what you think this fellow said. 

I will look at his footnotes tonite to see if there is any more I can glean from this. 

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Connie, I listened closely to the recording and agree with you: there is a glitch in the logic here. The reduction of Chromium 6 to Chromium 3 releases enzymes that are destructive and initiate a carcinogenic process. So, is he saying that the Chromium 3 itself isn't a problem but the enzymes are?

    This is certainly worth further explanation. I wonder if the second physician would be willing to clarify his own remarks?

  2. HI Pam,

    Yes, I can try but it is so hard to get Physcians to clarify anything to non physcians. Glad you agree there is a disconnect in his logic. good to hear comming from a smart and logical thinker whom I have known for years!

    Thanks for your comment Pam.

  3. Too bad that the link does not work. I wonder if the video is still available in YouTube?

  4. Not sure why the link is not working for you. It works fine when I go to the site and it seems to have worked fine for those above.

    Sorry if you are having problems with it.