Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Progress on Connie's hip about 8 weeks post op

I get a lot of questions on how my recovery is going.  Well, in short, it is very slow. 

  1. I am still on a 3 wheel walker.  My leg is not yet strong enough to support my weight.
  2. I can't stand for a long period of time.
  3. I do go to PT 2 xs per week and feel as though I will get stronger but that will occur only after my second round of PT (an additional 20 sessions minimum run after having gone through the intensive daily PT at the rehab for a week ( 2 hour sessions per day).
  4. My non surgical leg has become worn out and quite painful due to the weight I put on it.
  5. I have numbness in both my fingers and toes.
  6. Cold chills constantly  on the outside of my thighs (both legs.)
  7. I have not gone for a post op appointment yet but do have a time set for the end of February.
I do think I will recover.  I have concerns about a number of things but I think it is best to wait and see. You must do your excersizes every day to gain back strength in the surgical leg.

Thanks for asking about my recovery.  If anyone else is experiencing similar things, let us know.  the readers are curious about the recovery process and while they are all different, I am sure there are some common threads. 

Oh, one other thing, I went back to work in the office after the third week.  I am not sure that was a good idea.  If you can work from home for 4 weeks, likely I would reconsider my plans again.  I just wasn't prepared for the severity of this surgery vs my minimally invasive surgery in the first round.

Have a happy holiday!


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  1. Connie, This sounds arduous and discouraging ... and I'm sure it's work to keep your spirits and motivation up. I'm sure all of us who read your blog wish you the best as you recover, and we're out here cheering for you just at those moments when things seem the hardest. Fondly, Pam