Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Conflicting reasons for the recall from different Depuy spokespeople?

DePuy Denies All Allegations (reported from the Rottenstein law firm web site) From a British spokesperson from Depuy:

A worldwide recall, joint registries reporting high failure rates, and thousands of lawsuits, it’s hard to envy DePuy, but the manufacturer stands by its actions. Not only does it claim that the recalled hip replacements were not harmful, but it also adds that safety concerns had no bearing on the recall. A spokesperson told the BBC, “The product was withdrawn because of declining demand and to allow the company to focus on developing the next generation hip technologies to better meet the needs of patients and surgeons.”

Another Depuy spokeswoman said in another release (US spokesperson for Depuy):

She said "all orthopedic implants, no matter what materials are used,  generate debris."   Particles from metal on metal hip implants “do not cause problems for most patients, but a small number of patients have an adverse reaction to them,” she said.

She said DePuy monitors data from a variety of sources and “We believe we made the appropriate decision to recall at the appropriate time given the available information.”

“Depuy is committed to working with patients and their health insurers to address medical costs directly associated with the recall she said.

[It would seem that the two depuy spokespersons have a different take on the reason for this  recall?]

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