Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What does the wound of a revision surgery look like?

This is a photo of my surgical wound before the staples were removed.  Pretty picture hugh?  this revision was no fun.  I am looking forward to having this heal.  The incision was 9 inches vs my minimally invasive surgery 5 years ago of 2 short incisions on the front and back of my leg.  Big difference this time!


  1. I have the same scar from the same revision of the same hip you had, Less than 6 months was having problems, almost 3 years later finally got the metal on metal taken out. Lots of X rays& MRI's They keep saying it was not a problem but i was hurting all the time and could not walk , sit or sleep with out bad pain before i got the dr. to do a Revision. No other Dr. wanted to even see me because of it.