Monday, November 21, 2011

Progress from my revision sugery two weeks ago.

It has been 2 weeks since I had my surgery.  I was not able to come home until Friday of this past week.  I have a couple of observations.  By the way, I live alone.  If you have a companion, these activities might be a bit easier. :


2 weeks is not adequate time to plan for a recuperation from this type of surgery.  My plan was to be off for two weeks and based on my experience last time around, I was expecting to be back to work today.  Well, that is not going to happen.  While I can work from my computer at home intermittently, it was overly optimistic on my part to plan as I did. 

The PT told me yesterday that most of her hip patients are off 6 weeks from work!

2) Intensive PT work is required to recover from  properly

As mentioned previously, I was taking 3 sessions per day for over a week and that is not adequate.  Started on home care yesterday.  She took me out of the  house for a walk in the drive way and her observation was that "Connie, you are just beginning to recover from this surgery."

I am your classic Type A personality so I am ready for this recuperation to end.  I will not be back in the office this week.  I will have to continue out patient PT in order to recover from this operation, so says the PT.  Hopefully next Monday will be a better start date.

Don't let the hospital boot you out without appropriate course of PT.  I was told when I went in that I would be home in 3 days.  Well, perhaps superman could accommodate those goals but I found them to be completely unrealistic and dangerous in fact.   You can always request transfer to a rehab to prepare you for recovery  if you are unable to function.  NEVER AGREE TO BE SENT HOME WITHOUT YOU HAVING COMPLETE AND TOTAL CONFIDENCE IN YOUR ABILITY TO FUNCTION.  ITS TOO LATE ONCE YOU ARE HOME.

3) Driving/  it takes longer than last time to engage in driving

I am hoping to be driving (automatic car as my surgery was on my left leg) next Monday.  I sure hope that is not optimistic!  Of course you have to be off of all pain medications before you attempt that.  I discontinued all major narcotics as I choose to deal with the pain rather than sleep the days away from the drowsy side effects of the meds.  I found getting in and out of a car really hard this time around.

4) If you have no tools (fetcher, sock aid, hooks, sponges on a stick, raised commode etc) you will not be able to care for your self adequately.  Get the aids before you go home.  All of your normal everyday tasks are multiplied by a factor of 10 in terms of difficulty from the first surgery.  The aids help you stay within your hip protocols (no bending past 90 degrees is the most confining one.)

5) Pets: you will need an animal sitter for a while to feed them.  I just tried this morning to feed by 2 kitties and I spilled the food all over the floor.  There is no one around to clean it up.  I have to wait until someone gets here to help me.  Scraping out the Kitty litter becomes an issue.  My carpenter made me a tool with a long poll to do that.
Hope a few of these observations help some of you plan adequately for  your  revsion sugery.

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  1. Just an FYI. My regular doc called Quest about doing a pre-surgery baseline Cobalt and Chromium and asked the price. They were told no charge for the tests and that Depuy is picking up the costs for us hipsters(probably as a result of the FDA telling them to track us). So for those not tested that don't have insurance, this might be an option on how to get tested for free.
    Getting psyched hearing all your post surgery advice. Thanks as always for your time