Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Path report from my surgery 2 weeks ago

Hi guys,

Well, I can see the path report has provided no value add.  In order to have a meaningful path report, we have to ask for certain tests and the tests I would like to see  are NOT run  by most path labs.  Only the most sophisticated and specialized labs would have these tests.

No tests were completed on the hardware.  The only information on the report is:

-fragments of synovial and soft tissue with chronic inflammation. 
-Old Hemorrhage and Necrosis.  [how much necrosis? where?]
-No acute inflammation or malignancy identified. [This lab does not have the FISH tests which are the only tests that I am interested in as discussed previously.  Will have to contact Mayo Clinic and or Oxford for that.  I will report on those tests as I get the information.....I am looking for DNA baselines with our without abnormalities so I can measure this every 3 years or so.]

The two specimens submitted to the lab were:
-femoral head shell in two portions including the cup and ball
-synovum and capsule received in formalin as multiple pale yellow-tan to grey brown fragments of firm soft tissue all measuring in aggregate:  11.5 x 9 x 2 cm.

Will have to follow up with my surgeon on this but I do intend to aggressively pursue additional path tests as discussed in previous posts re the FISH testing.

The hip is being preserved for later processing. Make absolutely sure that all of the hip parts extracted from you during surgery are preserved by the lab.

Personally, I think the path reports are the most important part of this process but you have to have access to the right testing to make this process meaningful.

Make sure you ask for both the post op surgical report and the path report and then review the results with your surgeon in terms of what they mean.

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