Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just passed our one year Anniversary For the MYDEPUYHIPRECALL Blog!

Thought it was note worthy to mention this as we have developed a pretty active community of readers at this point.

Just wanted to thank all of the readers for your contributions.  Blogs are communities that consist of both the writer or poster of the blog and the readers who review the content and then post their comments.  Blogs only work as communities and this one is pretty active for this small niche market sector.

Here are some stats on the blog as of our anniversary this month:
  • Pageviews
    • Nov 14th 2010-first blog posted by me.
    • Jan of 2011 crossed the 1000 page views* per month
    • April of 2011 crossed the 2000 page views per month
    • July of 2011 crossed the 3000 page views per month
    • We might hit 4000 page views per month in November
  • The average time a visitor spends on site is about 2.5 minutes. (large standard deviation though so the time range is quite varied.)
  • 40-50% of our visitors are repeat visitors
  • A preponderance of readers are from the US however, we have a strong readership in Australia and the UK (countries who have been very involved early on in the Depuy hip issues.)
  • Most of our traffic comes from Google through organic search although we do see traffic from  Yahoo, Bing and  Some from Twitter as I do automatically post on Twitter.
  • 60% of our readers come to the site via IE  browsers (Internet Explorer) and about 20% come Firefox browsers.
  • 80% of our readers are using windows operating system and 20% are using apple.
  • We have had over 100 comments posted by readers
  • I have posted about 334 times since we started so averaging about 1 per day.
  • On average a reader views about 2 pages per visit so the implication of that is that we have about 2000 visitors per month reading this blog.

 *A page view is the number of posts (pages) viewed cumulatively by our readers each month.


  1. Connie, you may be interested to know that people who've had implants of other kinds - including my sister with two knee replacements, one of which failed - have found your blog quite useful in terms of a general framework of inquiry for the surgeon/rehab people et al. You also give people courage to say, "This is my body and what are you putting in it and why?" I think the suggestion to request and read the post-surgery notes is invaluable.

    Your online voice sounds stronger ... seems as if the recovery is proceeding well. Best, Pam

  2. Hi Pam and thanks for your comments! Interesting that you sister has gone in for both knee implants. There is a farmer with me in rehab who has gone through a double knee implant at the same time. What a trooper!Can you imagine 2 knees at one time? he is just trucking right along and will be going home tomorrow as well.

    Insofar as requesting reports, the PA (physcian assistant) told me today when I requsted the Path report that she had never had anyone including the docs ask for the path report. I have not requested that before as I have the post op report but I can see why no one asks for it. Will address tomorrow.

    Yikes. My whole mission is about the pathology surrounding the systemic pathology of these hips.

    Thanks for your notes Pam!!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Connie!!! My best friend hears about you so much that he asks about once a week "How is Connie doing?". He has no interest in the whole hip thing but it is a soap opera where you hate to miss an episode. Even for us Pinnacle people you have the best info going. Thanks! I hope for the day for all of us where we will look back on this and say "Now that wasn't so bad....wait a second, it was Hell!!"

  4. Thank you for your kind remarks! Nice to know that the information is helpful to the readers!