Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Broadspire Redux

When I was in the hospital some of my fellow patients were told from their lawyers that Broadspire was trying to get them to postpone their surgeries, didn't want to reimburse some of them, didn't want them to take advantage of the physical therapy rehab.  Poppycock!

I know I have written before on how unusual all of these comments are especially in light of the fact that none of these patients have had any dealings whatsoever with Broadspire directly.  As I have said, if I were to grade the service I have personally have experienced with Broadspire,  I would give them an A+.  I have had numerous dealings with them directly.  In fact, in this revision which I had over the last few weeks, I had the opportunity yet again to see how responsive they are.

3 days following my surgery, I was uncomfortable going home without additional therapy given I live alone and was having a really difficult time moving around independently.  That hospital had a policy to ship all patients home on day 4.  Hospitals are all about payments.  The billing people told me I would have to underwrite the therapy if I were to transfer to the therapy wing.  Absurd.  I called my insurance company and Broadspire and within the hour, that stay was entirely covered because both companies worked together fast to get me into that transitional care unit for additional therapy so that I could function on my own.

I can't understand these negative  comments about broadspire.  They have been extremely responsive and couldn't do any more than they have to try and facilitate this revision process.

Frankly, the only complaints I hear are through lawyers who are continuously criticizing them for one thing or another.  Perhaps the patients should deal directly with Broadspire and experience thier service first hand.  I have never had one issue with reimbursement on any expense which I have submitted to them.  ZERO.

Keep up the good work Broadspire!  Nice Job and thank you for being so responsive to my needs in terms of making my revision process stress free in terms of the reimbursement and facilitating my testing and hospital stay.

If your lawyer is dealing with them and having difficulties, perhaps you should insist on dealing with them directly.  You do not need a lawyer to deal with Broadspire.  There is no presumption of non reimbursement with Broadspire.  They will do everything in their power to help you though this process and in my opinion, they have gone well beyond the call of duty.


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