Friday, September 2, 2011

Effects of metal-on-metal wear on the host immune system and infection in hip arthroplasty.

More on the effects of MoM on the immune system.  I must have missed this article when I reviewed the literature last. 
Acta Orthop. 2010 Oct;81(5):526-34. 


Department of Biomedical Engineering, University Medical Center Groningen, Groningen, the Netherlands.



Joint replacement with metal-on-metal (MOM) bearings have gained popularity in the last decades in young and active patients. However, the possible effects of MOM wear debris and its corrosion products are still the subject of debate. Alongside the potential disadvantages such as toxicity, the influences of metal particles and metal ions on infection risk are unclear.


We reviewed the available literature on the influence of degradation products of MOM bearings in total hip arthroplasties on infection risk.


Wear products were found to influence the risk of infection by hampering the immune system, by inhibiting or accelerating bacterial growth, and by a possible antibiotic resistance and heavy metal co-selection mechanism.


Whether or not the combined effects of MOM wear products make MOM bearings less or more prone to infection requires investigation in the near future


  1. Hi Connie,
    No need to post this. Just a thought of a possible topic for your blog. I don't think I have seen any of your posts talk about the pain associated with failed hips or metallosis (although I could have missed you that week if you did). To me, that is the biggest nightmare about having failed hips. The pain is much worse than pre-surgery and seems to be much more diffuse going all the way to my feet. Anyway, just a thought. Hope all is well with you. Keep up the good work! Oregon Billy

  2. I have not done anything on the pain associated with the hips becuase I have no data on that. Glad your surgery appeard to go well Billy!