Thursday, June 9, 2011

What is the frequency of adverse metal reactions with the MoM hips? (5 of 7)

from 6/4 post-Metal on Metal Bearings, The Evidence So Far

1.  There is generally a low incidence of symptomatic adverse soft-tissue reactions after both resurfacing and total hip replacements.

2.  The prevalence of adverse soft tissue reactions following either suregery has only recently been described.

3.  One study reported no adverse reactions to metal debris after 12.3 years and one study showed a rate of issues (ALVAL-soft tissues issues) occurring at a rate of 5% after 10 years.  One contemporary report on the large head ASR MOM showed a rate of 6% with certain issues (ARMD-adverse reactions and pseudotumours) by 41 months which has raised to 18% on further review.

4.  The incidence of asymptomatic pseudotumours is unknown but it has been estimated at 4%.

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