Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My final appointment with the ortho surgeon

We will be selecting a date for revision. That surgery is an 8 week wait.    I asked him to contact my ortho consult to review the new choice of implant first, the need for allergy testing prior to surgery and requested any systemic tests we can perform prior to surgery.

The ceramic ball with poly liner is the new prosthesis he is considering now.

In terms of the explant, they are being stored at the hospital or sent for analysis via an attorney.  I have not hired an attorney yet however.

My surgeon is very confident that the outcome will be good.

No major new news.



  1. Hi Connie,
    God Bless you and get you through the surgery. I am assuming you will have someone filling in for you, or will you be blogging from your hospital bed?? We'll give you 3 days to recoup...and then back to work keeping us informed!! I am awaiting my first surgery of two for Pinnacles. May it be uneventful for you!!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the well wishes! I wish the same for your surgeries. You will be just fine. In my first surgery, I was back to work on my computer day 3 and back in the office in two weeks. You will so appreciate the opportunity to be able to navigate again without pain.

    Best of luck to you.


  3. OK...but on the 4th day I will start complaining. :)

  4. Connie-I have just read all your postings and found it so interesting and infomative-thank you.
    You are far more thorough than I have been and seen more consultants but have arrived at same conclusion.
    I have had the hip for 6years-no pain-high levels chromium and cobalt and I feel possible symptoms of poisoning.I will now be pushing to see other specialists. Will be having revision in aug. Best wishes and again well done!

  5. thanks Dee and good luck to you with your surgery.


  6. Connie

    all the best with your surgery!