Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Large Diameter Metal on Metal Bearing Total Hip Replacements (British Hip Society)

At last week’s British Hip Society Annual Conference, in Torquay (March 2nd – 4th 2011), this topic was considered in some detail. Several units including Belfast, Southampton, Cardiff and Stockton on Tees presented well researched and audited results of these devices at short to mid-term. There was a predominance of the ASR XL device, which has been withdrawn, but large diameter MOM devices from other manufacturers may also be showing similar results.
The presented results show a higher than anticipated early failure rate. These range from 21% revision rate at 4 years  (potentially rising to 35% if all currently known painful implants progress to revision) to 49% at 6 years for the ASR XL device. Other devices have a revision or impending revision rate of 12 – 15 % at 5 years.


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