Sunday, May 1, 2011

Inflamatory comments from Law firms on Depuy's reimbursement policy.

Gee, as a patient with the Depuy hip, I certainly am not happy with this recalled device however, it is inappropriate that professionals in the legal community continue to criticise Depuy's reimbursement policy in order to drum up business.  I have said previously and will continue to say that Depuy (and its claims agents Broadspire) has been nothing less than very helpful for valid expenses submitted for reimbursement.  I have had continued positive results in dealing with both Depuy and Broadspire.

Depuy has a "help desk" (my words for lack of better term) staffed by a very helpful individual who will help you or direct you to professionals whom they have hired in order to provide you or your  surgeon with feedback on general information (they will not comment on your specific case however which I can understand.)

Let me give you some examples:

Clinical information:  I have asked about the Kidney implications in terms of  STUDIES (not opinions) that may have surfaced in terms of associating the Depuy hip with nephrotoxicity.  I thought they were quite up front with their feedback.

Claims:  I have had a series of consults to provide me with objective opinions on the status of my hip and I have not had one...not one...payment refusal nor have they delayed any payments to a provider.  I can say with a high degree of confidence that Depuy will cover valid medical expenses.  I have been submitting claims to them since January.  I have not had one disagreement with them.  I have not had one bill that has not been paid.

No, i have no relationship with Depuy.  I am not compensated by Depuy.  Fair is fair.  Lets not invent problems when they don't exist!

If someone has a real case of being refused payment, let me know. If you have questions about the claims process, go to the landing page of this web site and click on Recall Details (on the left hand side of the blog.)  You can find contact information there for the claims people.

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