Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Great discussion on video in 2005 re the issues surrounding the the Depuy hip and issues hip early on

I highly recommend looking at these videos if you are interested in the key issues and allegations surrounding the Depuy hip.

Short overview:

In search of more durable hips, surgeons began using the MOM devices.  A new hip prosthesis called the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing had entered the market in Europe in 1997 and was gaining tremendous market traction.  That prosthesis was purchased by Smith and Nephew.   Depuy had to design a better product so that it didn’t loose market share.  Competition between manufacturers spurred Depuy to develop its ASR in 2003.  A successful marketing campaign would be crucial to persuading surgeons to change from the BHR to the ASR in Europe.

There are two tapes:

·         The first tape is what I would consider to be  a pro Depuy pitch. 

·         The second tape is a detailed account of all of the issues regarding the Depuy prosthesis. 

This is the URL to the presentations: http://www.mcminncentre.co.uk/research-lectures-debate.html    

·         Click on the “case for ASR” which is the case FOR the Depuy hip.

o    Maximum bone preservation

o    Lower wear

o    Precise tissue sparing during surgery

o    Better range of motion

o    Reduction in wear due to increased fluid lubrication

  Once you listen to that,

·          Click on the “case for BHR” which is a clearly articulated case against Depuy and for the BHR.

o    Dupuy has the following issues:

§  Design issues

§  Material issues (as in materials used in the hip)

§  Instrumentation issues

§  Acetabular component is too thin

§  Clearance is dangerously small

§  Heat treated metal increases wear

§  Femoral component cement risks loosening

§  Primitive instrumentation risks component malpositioning.

§  4x the revision rate of BHR

§  “critical redesign is urgently required”

Remember, these discussions took place in 2005!

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