Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Does Depuy's web site make recomendations on Depuy Recall Lawyers?

No!  Absolutely not. 

There are posts circulating on the web through Yahoo Answers recommending that Depuy's site has a list of recommended litigators whom they are referring cases to.  No No No!  Unfortunately, the person who posted this recommendation found a site that was one put up by a plaintiff lawyer and it was entitled "Depuy hip recall news."

Just because the words at the top of a site refer to Depuy News doesn't mean that the site is supported by Depuy.

Same goes for sites advertising directly  to hip patients that they are a national registry...so sign up now.  No NO NO.  No legitimate national hip registry is going to solicit patient information through the patient.  The US hip registry firms are all brand new and they  work with the surgeons.  Don't ever send your information to a public site for hip registration.  Ever.  Most of those firms are merely what we call lead gen firms.  That is, some plaintiff firm signs up with them for the purpose of soliciting litigation leads.

Always look at who sponsors a site. It will tell you quite a bit about the bias of the writing on that site.
There should be full disclosure by the sponsor on the purpose of the site.


This site is run by me and only me. I am merely a hip replacment patient with one objective: to provide information on the
Depuy hip, the science behind the issues in this case and the litigation associated with it. I am not paid by anyone to publish anything and am affiliated with no one. My sole objective is information dissemination. 


  1. Dear Connie,
    I have 2 DePuy ASR THRs. The first one was done in October of 2007, and the other hip was done in October of 2008. I was 53 when the first one was done, hence the metal on metal, because of my young age at surgery. My surgeon wanted one for me that would last longer and give me more mobility, because I am very active. So far, my cobalt/chromium tests have been within the normal range. After the recall in August of 2010, I called my Dr's office right away, and they confirmed I had the recalled hips. He got me in within a week and did x rays. They looked great last August, and I am to be checked every year. So far, these hip replacements have not bothered me, but I saw an article in our paper tonight from an attorney's office advertising lawsuits against Johnson and Johnson, and all of the issues with the recalls. I am concerned enough about all of the issues that I will call my surgeons office tomorrow. Thank you for all of the information you have posted since November. I am bookmarking your blog for further reference.

  2. Hi Dawn,

    I am so happy to hear that your implants are working well for you. Great news! If you don't mind, I would just ask that you make sure that the "x-ray" you got on these hips was not an x ray in the Doctor's office.

    It is really important that you have an MRI done (not just any old x-ray.) x-rays are likely to tell you nothing. Specifically, I strongly suggest that you confirm with your surgeon that you have had a MARS MRI. That kind of MRI will provide you with the appropriate feedback you need to judge the current state of the hips.

    I so encourage you to do that. If you search MRIs on this site, you can read the entries about them.

    Let me know if you need any additional information.



  3. Hi Dawn,

    I am really happy to see that your hip replacements (both of them)are performing well. When you speak with your surgeon next time, you might want to ask him about having an MRI though.

    The ion tests are kinda tricky in that the values in them are quite variable depeding on the labs that run them. I would also suggest that you look at your test levels along with your Surgeon as the interpretation of these results is also variable. So if your surgeon says they are fine, just ask him to describe what "fine" means.

    there are quite a number of blog posts about ion level ranges. I just printed a chart in the last few weeks to show the levels post op on a large number of patients. If your levels vary from those in the studies, you might ask your surgeon about the MRI.

    Also remember that most of the surgeons are very new to this issue so they are in the learning process as well.

    Best of luck Dawn.


  4. Dear Connie,
    I have a De Puy component in my right hip as of 2010. While it is not the recalled hip, I am having many of the same health issues as those with that implant. Where can I see a copy of the chart you reference which shows the blood ion levels, in the post to Dawn?
    Donna Connor

  5. Hello Donna,

    You can look at two entries:

    May 10th: (studies done 1-2 years post op) http://www.mydepuyhiprecall.com/2011/05/helpful-consolidated-ion-toxicity.html

    My levels: Feb 21st: http://www.mydepuyhiprecall.com/2011/02/my-appointments-with-specialists-seem.html

    Hope this helps