Saturday, March 19, 2011

Do vitamins affect the cobalt and chromium toxicity tests?

After having spoken to Depuy, and two of my consults (orthopedic surgeon and toxicologist), I think this is a good summary of what I learned:
(1)   Depuy rep who takes patient questions recommended suspending vitamin intake 3 days prior to the test.
(2)   The blood lab for the orthopedic surgeon who focuses in ion testing  had no recommendation to patients to suspend vitamins prior to testing
(3)   The toxicologist said you just look at the vitamins to ensure that there is no cobalt in any of the vitamins especially B12.  He did not seem to recommend suspending vitamin intake prior the tests unless they have the metals in them you are being tested for.


  1. My Chromium toxicity level is 4.1 after hip resurfacing operation should i ask for replacing the metal on metal to a ceramic joint?

    1. HI,

      There are many criteria used to determine what type of hip should be used. the surgeon is the best person to decide that based on many factors. I would not insert another metal hip without considering the use of a liner so it is no longer metal on metal. I have a meatal on poly with Ceramic ball now.

      hope that helps.