Thursday, March 17, 2011

Carcinogens and their relationship to the Depuy hip

The press and the lawyers are very much involved with publicizing the relationship between Chromium from the Depuy hip and cancer.  A few things to remember:
(1)   Most (not all) cancers associated with Chromium are found with Chromium 6
(2)   The Depuy hip contains Chromium 3 which is not typically associated with cancer.
(3)   Most of the studies I published were environmentally based, that is to say, the patients who developed toxicities did so environmentally.
(4)   Most toxicity cases involving chromium are local in that they involve the respiratory tract (inhaled) or the skin where a factory worker my come into contact with it.
(5)   What I find to be most interesting about Chromium is its ability to oxidize in some manner from 3 to 6 or 6 to 3.  That implies that the non carcinogen can oxidize to the carcinogen and vise a versa. 
(6)   The reported cases of this so called oxidation have occurred under specific industrial conditions.  I understand from the toxicologist that the juices in the stomach can cause that oxidation.
(7)   I am unaware of the other situations that can cause this especially systemically.

The uncertainty surrounding this oxidation process (what are all of the situations in the body that can cause the trivalent-non toxic form- to morph into the hexavalent form) is a big question in my mind.

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