Saturday, February 26, 2011

My visit to the Nephrologist resulted in some interesting information with respect to the role of the kidney with metal toxicity.

A Nephrologist is a doctor specializing in the kidney.  The kidney is the main “filter” in your body for getting rid of things that your body doesn’t need.  They serve the body as a natural filter of the blood, and remove wastes which are diverted to the urinary bladder. In producing urine, the kidneys excrete wastes.  Chromium and cobalt would be considerd to be waste so the kidney function is important with respect to eliminating this toxic waste.
For those of you who have followed this blog, you know that I have been interested in uncovering the issues surrounding nehrotoxicity (kidney toxicity) due to the elevated Cr and Co levels in the body from the hip replacement.  My concerns are a result of having only one kidney remaining and Chromium toxicity has been known to "target" the kidneys. 
Topics which came up in this conversation:
(1)    Many of the studies conducted re Chromium and Cobalt toxicity are environmentally based.  That is, exposure has come from your surrounding environment…. Not from the metal exposure in your body.
(2)     The nephrologist thought that the kidney might be the last organ in the body to be affected by the Cr and Cobalt. 
(3)    Likely the levels of metals would be high in the kidney since it is responsible for excreting unwanted toxins.
(4)    She did not know what level of these metals could be handled by the kidney and didn’t think anyone knew.  She felt that there was not enough work done in the area of metal toxicity resulting from implants.
(5)    She explained how a  properly functioning kidney could be identified .
a.       One of the better tests to determine whether your kidney is properly filtering body waste is to run a 24 hour urine.  While the test is a bit of a pain to run (you have to collect all of your urine output over 24 hours), it is the best  initial test to indicate proper functioning (vs just a sample urine test.)
b.      I was happy to learn that despite my missing one kidney, my kidney function was very good.  My levels (of creatinine) were normal in the 80s.  People who are experiencing kidney failure have levels in the 10% range. (I think I got this right but can’t be sure!) While I was not concerned with kidney failure, I was concerned about overtaxing this organ.  At least this organ is not being “overtaxed” now.  Who knows what the implication is over time.  No one knows.
(6)    The organs she felt might be of more immediate risk were the liver, spleen and lymph nodes.  Recall that the last study I published last week in fact was this one:
Dissemination of wear particles to the liver, spleen, and abdominal lymph nodes of patients with hip or knee replacement
(7)   None of the questions I raised a few days ago in the blog could be answered.  She said there is no data available to answer the questions. (I may print the key abstracts from these articles as they provided additional indicators as to how the kidneys could be affected from these metal ions.)


  1. beanie (my pet name)

    great blog just getting into it, thanks for info. had a recall cup and sleeve replaced one year ago,after depuy metal on metal with extensive bone graft(which nobody told me about) still experiencing lots of bottom cheek pain! lots of you will know what i mean. ha ah on lots of drugs, but they are not having my sence of humour!!!!! ps ,this is my first blog ever...

  2. April 7, 2013 My first blog also.. I have been looking for all the information available that might have been presented at the recent A A O S meeting in March 2013 I have to have both pinnacle Depuy hips revised.. originally both put in only 3 years ago. I am freaking scared young and so many unanswered questions or concerns or knowledge from my seem as nobody really cares..or is taking this serious.. My cobalt and chromium levels are well over 55 from the 30's 5 months ago.. Since the 2 pinnacle hips were installed 3 years ago, I have never been out of pain and believe the muscle tissue is destroyed. I can not ride my horses, walk correctly, stand without pain or pick myself up from the ground. Dam the Doctors knew they had been recalled in Australia and England so why did they use them on me? April 22 is my first surgery date... this is a great site.. I too am worried about my kidneys, the ringing in my ears is 24 7 a loud buzzing, I have had a metal taste in my mouth for 3 years and walking is difficult.. Also finding knowledgeable attorneys who actually educate me is impossible to find.. as I feel as though I am the one finding all the articles and directing.. very frustrating..

  3. Yep, this whole thing is very frustrating. Good luck on your surgery next week and let us know how you are coming.