Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is The Wright Profemur The Next Hip Recall?

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With the notoriety of the DePuy ASR hip recall, hip prosthesis in general are receiving a great deal of attention.  The DePuy Pinnacle implant and the Wright Medical Profemur system have been called into question by the consumer protection community as well as medical experts.
Wright medical, in fact, has had to recall an implant before.  In In 2004, Wright Medical was forced to recall its metal acetabular hip cups associated with the  CONSERVE(R) Total and CONSERVE(R) prostheses. The  recall was due to the fact that Wright Medical failed to properly manufacturer the product which created a seam or ridge on the cup surface. Wright’s manufacturing deficiencies caused the product to fail.

Now, the Wright Profemur is quickly becoming the subject of products liability lawsuits across the country.  Two plaintiffs in Illinois have alleged that the Profemur system is defective as designed.  Further, a plaintiff in Colorado has made similar allegations.  In most cases the femoral stem breaks causing tremendous pain and significant medical bills. Certainly, more Wright Profemur lawsuits are likely to be filed as individuals with the Wright Profemur prosthesis experience problems.


  1. I have had a Wright Profemur implant replaced after 5 years. It was replaced due to popping and snapping causing continually increasing pain. I have had contact with an attorney and told no case was possible.

  2. I would contact one of the lawyers on the MDL list for Depuy. Present your case to an expert in hip litigation.

    If you look on this blog under litigation, there is a list contained in one of the posts.


  3. I also had a wirght metal on metal hip and had to have it replaced at 5 years for failure and extreme allergic response. Now wander if I was beginning to exhibit cobalt and metal poisoning