Friday, January 7, 2011


Gee, I am a really optimistic, upbeat person but I have just read the second article from the medical journal studies in the last two days sighting that the chromium associated with the metallosis from the hip implant settles in the liver and kidney tissues.  These are the primary target organs.  Metals accumulate there.  Why is this depressing to me?  5 years ago when I had my hip replaced, I also had one of my Kidney's removed.  I am down to one Kidney and a hip that needs to be replaced for a variety of reasons, one of which is high chromium levels in my blood.  I wonder what metal level  has accumulated in my last Kidney?

I have raised this question before but it appears that the blood tests used to measure these metal levels are only free ions in the blood.  They do nothing to measure the ion levels in the organs.

If anyone out there reading this blog have any information on measuring these ion levels or commenting on the chromium toxicity issues, please feel free to provide any comments.


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