Friday, December 31, 2010

US Drug Humm…a consumer advocacy group?????

I recently saw this posted on line and decided to call this group to see what they were all about.  Contrary to the information in the comments below, this purported consumer group referred me to one law firm who could take on a hip case. When I asked the gentleman on the phone how this consumer group was funded, he got angry.  I was very skeptical about this referral given the person couldn’t give me one good reason why they were making a referral to this particular law firm in Florida.  Further, this person told me they were paid to run various drug campaigns by wall street.  I found this whole conversation quite objectionable.

I decided to post this because a few weeks ago, another firm was posing has a new National Hip Registry attempting to get hip replacement victims to call in.  It was really a lead generation firm providing leads to litigators.

I can find no information on this company that tells me how it is funded.  I would be leery of contacting any of these groups posing as companies who are going to help you with your hip litigation by posing as a  consumer group advocate.

Here are the comments that lead me to call them:

The US Drug Watchdog is also saying, "don't fall for the sympathetic cable TV ad, offering assistance for DePuy hip implants, or phoney Internet ads offering compensation for victims. More often than not these ads offer zero value to the victim, so call us & we will give you the names of the highest caliber actual law firms working on this horrible situation." For more information ASR DePuy hip implant victims, or their loved ones can call the US Drug Watchdog anytime at 866-714-6466, or they can contact the group via its web site at http://USDrugWatchdog.Com


Unfortunately, in this case, I did not buy into this story.  If someone were advocating for the consumer, they should have a list of law firms on the  recommended list and certainly be capable of communicating what criteria was used to qualify the one law firm on their “recommended list.”


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