Saturday, December 18, 2010

Part Two: Early failure of MoM bearings in hip resurfacing and large-diameter hip replacement/Jrnl of Bone and Joint Surgery, Jan 2010

Abstract Highlights:

·        660 MoM resurfacings –ASR and Birmingham Hip (BHR)-AND large-bearing ASR total hip replacements to establish associations with metal debris and associated failures. (By the way, resurfacings were not approved for sale by the FDA in the US. These results are posted by British MDs which appears to be the origin of most of the study data.)
·         3.4% were identified (all ASR bearings) with adverse reactions to metal debris for which REVISION WAS REQUIRED.
·         This symptomatic group had significantly different observations than the asymptomatic group in 4 areas:
o   Smaller components (more below)
o   Higher component anteversion (more below)
o   Higher concentrations of blood and joint chromium and cobalt ions
o   Greater surface ware

Stay tuned for Part Three


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