Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Depuy claims representative answers my questions

I had a few questions to verify prior to getting a claim number from Depuy.

(1)               Question:   If a patient agrees to sign the medical release form which is contained on the web site, are there any circumstances that once Depuy sees the records, my records will be provided to a litigation team hired by Depuy, whereby the records  can or will be used as aggregate information against any of the claimants?  In other words, does signing that form provide the claims people, depuy and all authorized representatives of Depuy with the ability to review the records?  Answer:  The claims rep referred me on the main claim line for this answer (866 874 2865.)    The rep did refer to the Hippa law which protects disclosure of unauthorized information. (That doesn’t mean of course that an authorized agent of Depuy (a litigation defense firm) would not be provided with our medical records.)  I will ask the next Depuy claims rep who contacts me within 72 hours.

(2)               Question:  Is there an immediate expiration date for claims surrounding the payment for any hip recall issues?   Answer:  As far as this rep knew (there are approximately 6 reps taking calls on the Depuy line now), they have not been advised as an expiration date which is imminent.  As far as he knew, the claim lines will remain in existence until at least April 11th.

(3)               Question:  Does signing the Depuy claim form waive any patient rights now or in the future?  Answer:  “Absolutely not. If you look at the last line in the claim form, this is very clearly articulated as such.”..humm, then why are the Litigation firms making this claim?  I don;t know?

(4)               Question:  Do you have to release your medical records in order to get payment for the claims as long as the surgeon's name is provided to verify that you have the hip recall replacement?  Answer:  "No.  The payment processing just takes longer."

(5)               Question:  Is Depuy themselves handling the claims processing or are the claims being handled by a 3rd party claims processing firm?  Answer:   Broadspire is handling the claims process. (Broadspire is a 3rd party claims administrator.


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