Thursday, November 25, 2010

Notice from My Surgeon on the Recall.

I finally received my recall note from the Surgeon. The letter was sent out on 11/9/10, several months after the recall. I was shocked to see the way in which this was presented:

•“A small number of patients with the hip implant you received experienced problems that require additional care and potentially further treatment…”

Interesting because the whole recall is based on the fact that the problems associated with this implant were way outside the normal range of …normal problems experienced were in the 3% range in a 5 years period and this implant is causing 11%-12% who have problems. That is a 400% increase in problems associated with a typical hip implant! I would not call this small.

•“Please call my office to schedule an appointment for an evaluation of your hip.”

•“Either myself or my Physicians assistants would like to discuss the symptoms you are having, additional testing that has been recommended and the best plan for ongoing testing and treatment for you.”

•“I would urge you to contact Depuy to set up a claim prior to your visit to my office.”

Attachments from DePuy were included with this letter.

What kind of letters have you recieved? Please do not post physcian's names in this blog if you choose to share information.

Thank you!



  1. I think most of the surgeons sent out a form letter that was provided my DePuy...mine was word for word from the DePuy website, the did not even bother to type my name it, it was penciled in. I got mine about the same time, Sept. only after I called and questioned why I did not receive notice. I did receive a phone call from the surgeon, I think because I was one out of 5 implants he did that had been complaining for almost 3 yrs.

  2. my surgeon never sent me this letter. i've seen him 3 times since my surgery on 5 july 2010. i have always had pain and only found out about the recall 2 weeks ago. is it right that he never ever warned me or told me?

  3. Hi,

    Well, the first thing to confirm is that what you have is a DEPUY ASR. There are many depuy hips but not all of them have been recalled.

    It would be highly unlikely that an orthopedic surgeon would see a patient who has a recalled hip with pain and they would not inform the patient.

    I would call your surgeon's office and ask the gal at the desk to pull up your post op report and tell you what specific make and model your hip is. Better yet, just ask her to mail you the report.

    if the hip is a depuy hip, and that surgeon did not tell you that, you need to find out why.

    Sorry you are having an issue with your hip.